Burn Surgery

In the context of "highly specialized medicine" (IVHSM), we serve as burn center for the treatment of burn victims in German-speaking Switzerland.

We treat burn injuries and scalds, inhalation injury, and chemical burns, as well as frostbite. In severe cases treatment is provided in our intensive care unit for severe burn victims. Treatment is often long term. Even small surface burns are treated according to the most recent scientific advances to facilitate rapid healing with minimal scars.

Burn clinic

Our burn clinic treats all functional and esthetic disorders following acute burns as well as their long-term sequelae (scars, functional limitation). We also perform extensive ambulatory dressing changes with administration of analgesia in a specialized nursing consultation visit. Treatment of functional limitations is addressed early on with a physical therapy team specialized in burn treatment.

Consultation, second opinion, long-term care

We are available for counseling, second opinion, or long-term care upon referral from previous treating physicians. Should you have questions or uncertainties, you may schedule your own appointment, either for acute problems, or for a longer ongoing concern.

Principal center for burn victims in Switzerland

In collaboration with the ICU team an evidence-based care is provided, including newest therapeutic options for burn victims. At the same time, we have the perspective of 35 years of experience as the largest center for burn victims in Switzerland.

In the following two brochures, patients and their relatives will find an overview to the treatment of their burn injury as well as their stay in the intensive care ward:

Die Brandverletzung – Behandlung und unterstützende Angebote auf der Bettenabteilung und im ambulanten Bereich (PDF, German only)

Die Brandverletzung – Behandlung und unterstützende Angebote während des Spitalaufenthalts (PDF, German only)

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