Corrective Procedures and Nipple Reconstruction

​Corrective Procedures

Corrective procedures after breast reconstruction include for instance the matching of the contralateral side or of the operated side by the use of extremely varied operative techniques. Most often there is a need for tightening, enlarging, or reducing of the healthy side. We especially make use of endogenous fat transplantation ("lipo-filling") to compensate for asymmetries, in order to achieve the optimal possible outcome. Corrective interventions should take place about six months after breast reconstruction, at a time when the internal scars are healed, when tissues have softened, and when no further contour changes are to be expected. Depending on the type of procedure, the patient can be treated on an ambulatory basis, or as a short-term inpatient (two to three days).

Nipple reconstruction

A last procedure to be carried out is the restoration of the nipple. This intervention completes the reconstruction of the breast and significantly contributes to a feminine bust. Reconstruction of the nipple and of the areola can be achieved by various surgical methods (local flap plastics [= displacement of original tissue], nipple tissue from the contralateral breast with transplantation of complete inguinal skin or with tattoo). We offer all options, but prefer a special local flap technique with which both nipple and areola can be reconstructed at the same time. The operation can be performed on an ambulatory or short-term inpatient basis under local anesthesia. A final stage is pigmentation of the nipple and areola carried out by a cosmetic tattooist.

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