Breast Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery of the female breast is concerned with restoration of breast contour and esthetics after tumor operations, trauma, as well as also congenital breast malformations (asymmetry, tuberous breast malformation, Poland syndrome, Amazon syndrome, etc.). In the broadest sense, previously operated patients with marked capsular fibroses, or with complications following non-professional interventions, also require breast reconstruction.

In recent years, breast reconstruction, especially after mastectomy due to malignant tumors, has become more and more important. Even prophylactic mastectomy in patients with higher family-based genetic risk profiles is gaining increasing importance. In close collaboration with gynecology colleagues, tumor operations can also be carried out jointly within the framework of the interdisciplinary breast center. This ensures success both in terms of contour and esthetics, as well as in terms of expert professional follow-up care for cancers.

Today, we are able to reconstruct the breast in the same operation, together with tumor removal. This procedure is known as “primary” breast reconstruction. The advantage of this operation is that the patient is spared having to wake up “without her breast”. If you cannot decide whether to undergo primary reconstruction, the breast can be reconstructed at any other point in time. This option is known as secondary reconstruction. Secondary reconstruction can even be performed many years later with the most advanced techniques.

A number of procedures are available for the reconstruction of the female breast, which can be adapted to the individual patient.

Current information

Patient Information on Textured ALLERGAN Breast Implants

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