Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat / BRAVA

An alternative to breast augmentation with implants is the use of autologous fat. This method has been available for about 5-7 years. To date, retrospective studies have not shown any negative effects on the breast or an increase in breast cancer incidence. Due to the not entirely excluded potential stimulation of cancer cells by fat stem cells there are special precautions that must be evaluated in each case based on family history and individual risk factors. Thus, for instance, it is currently accepted that there should not be any fat transfer injections into the breast when there is known presence in the family of breast cancer genes (BRCA-1, BRCA-2).

If there is insufficient skin, a pre-treatment with the BRAVA system may be necessary. This system acts as an external vacuum cap, which stretches the skin of the breast and expands the existing tissue. It is used at night over the course of four weeks preoperatively, and again for two weeks after surgery.

In principle, one can expect that after injection of fat into the breast, approximately 40–60% of the fat will remain (with BRAVA up to 75%). The remainder is absorbed within three months. Therefore, one should include planning for one to three sessions, as needed, to achieve the desired volume.

Key points at a glance:

  • Duration of surgery: one to two hours
  • Anesthesia: general
  • Hospital stay: ambulatory
  • Follow-up care:
        • Antibiotics for five days, sports brassiere without metallic content for six weeks
  • Work disability: a few days (depends on physical stress required for work)

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