Eyebrow lifting (Browplasty)

An eyebrow lift is operative lifting of the eyebrows.  An operation is indicated when skin slackens with age and the eyebrows droop (ptosis). This can create an esthetically unflattering facial expression. It occurs mostly at the outer third of the eyebrow and results in giving the impression that there is excess skin of the upper lid. Another indication for browlift is asymmetry of the eyebrows, which can be the result of unilateral facial paresis.

During direct brow lifting, the excess skin above the eyebrows is resected and thereby the position, shape, and symmetry of the eyebrows are redefined without impacting possible forehead lines. This procedure can be performed on an ambulatory basis under local anesthesia. In the case of pronounced eyebrow ptosis, a correction with temporal browlift from the temple can be carried out.

How is the operation performed?

Temporal browlift involves an incision in the temporal region through which the outer third of the eyebrows is lifted. This leads to a distinct opening of the gaze and thus has a rejuvenation effect.

How about follow-up care?

Suture threads are removed after 10 to 14 days.

Key points at a glance

  • OP duration: one hour
  • Anesthesia: twilight sleep or general anesthesia
  • Hospital stay: outpatient
  • Follow up care: protection from sun exposure, massage of scars
  • Exercise restrictions: depending on swelling tendency, one to two weeks
  • Disability: one to two weeks (dependent on propensity to bruising and swelling)

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