Mid-face lifting (Medial Facelift)

During the aging process the fatty tissue of the cheeks sags. This leads to the appearance of bags under the eyes and a prominent tear trough, and contributes to deepening of the nasolabial folds. This can be obviated with a medial facelift.

How is the operation performed?

A medial facelift represents an extension of an inferior blepharoplasty, in which additionally the cheeks are lifted and tightened. This takes place through an incision at the inferior eyelid. The lifted mid-face portion is reattached to the bone.

How about follow-up care?

Suture threads are removed in five to seven days.

Key points at a glance

  • OP duration: two hours
  • Anesthesia: twilight sleep or general anesthesia
  • Hospital stay: outpatient
  • Follow up care: protection from sun exposure, massage of scars
  • Exercise restrictions: depending on swelling tendency, one to three weeks
  • Disability: one to two weeks (dependent on hematoma and swelling tendency)

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