Tightening of the neck folds (Neck Lift)

As the face ages, so does the neck. The cutaneous neck musculature (platysma) becomes flaccid and excess skin develops. There can be formation of longitudinal bands, as well as of transverse skin folds. In many cases neck lift and facelift are combined, since surgical access is in part the same.

How is the operation performed?

Through a small incision anterior and posterior to the ear up to and into the hairline, the musculature of the neck and the overlying skin is tightened. In some cases, an incision under the chin is also necessary to tighten the medial neck muscles and to remove excess fatty tissue in that area. Small drainage tubes are placed during the procedure, which are normally removed the next day.

What about follow up care?

Suture threads are removed after five to seven days.

Key points at a glance

  • OP duration: two hours
  • Anesthesia: twilight sleep or general anesthesia
  • Hospital stay: one to two days
  • Follow up care: protection from sun exposure, massage of scars
  • Exercise restrictions: depending on swelling tendency, from one to three weeks
  • Disability: one to two weeks (dependent on propensity to bruising and swelling)

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