Revision of Scars

Scars will often impact personal wellbeing, even sometimes when they are very small. We advise you regarding treatment options for both small and large scars. These can range from being a purely esthetic problem, to causing severe functional restriction. Our extensive experience caring for patients with severe burns allows for being up to date concerning the most promising treatment options of scars.

In an interdisciplinary consultation, we can provide individual guidance about the existing options for correction, and whether conservative silicone dressings or superficial application of scar products can be adequate therapy. We also offer concealment of large esthetically disagreeable facial scars through "camouflage" – a cosmetic technique to cover up scars. By working together with colleagues from other disciplines, we can put together for you an individually tailored treatment concept.

Available therapeutic options

  • Conservative therapy (compression treatments, silicone application, cortisone preparations)
  • Camouflage
  • Collagen induction (medical needling)
  • Autologous fat transfer, stem cell therapy
  • Surgical scar revision
  • Radiation and laser therapy (in collaboration with Dr. L. Imhof, USZ Dermatology)

We are glad to assist you in  health insurance coverage for these interventions.

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