Nanofat Therapy (Autologous fat transfer)

Nanofat therapy is used when autologous fat transfer is not meant to affect volume but rather use the regenerative properties inherent in the stem cell-like cells found in fatty tissues (adipose-derived stromal cells/ADSCs). The method was first introduced by Dr. Patrick Tonnard and Dr. Alexis Verpaele in Gent, Belgium.

Nanofat therapy allows regeneration of scars, and makes them softer and often less conspicuous. This type of treatment is particularly suited for erythematous and raised or retracted scars. It is also helpful for treating tiny wrinkles, for instance of the upper lip or the décolleté. It can also improve disorders of pigmentation, such as age spots and dark circles under the eyes. It can similarly be used for healing chronic wounds.

The fat is obtained/extracted under local or general anesthesia, and is prepared with a special technique so that it can be injected as fluid directly into the skin.

The USZ Department of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery is now using this method in Switzerland for the first time. The SRF Pulse program followed Lead Surgeon Professor Nicole Lindenblatt during such an operation.

An article in the "Schweizer Illustrierte" also reports on scar therapy with nanofat.

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